If you read my book, Rainbow Revolution, you understand the labyrinth that is my “love” life over the last ten years. Ivy vines slipping through deep magenta rose bushes cascading colonial walls built around my heart. Out of protection I limit showing love, joy, and happiness mostly because I fear that I’ll be disappointed, ghosted, forgotten, rejected, heartbroken and homeless. I tell myself on a deep level, that if I let the world know or see evidence I’m happy, it will do something to take it away.

And so I hold all my dreams and desires at arm’s length.

It’s an automaton spell I want to break.

That’s why I’m using these two oils especially to transform my heart chakra space. Evolve love. And send sweet love messages inside an astral bottle to my beloved future husband while I sleep. I’m completely open to connecting with my joy spot and will do what I must to feel – clarity. I took a vow this year to live according to my core desires and been using this planner to make big magic happen.

I see my friends engaged or celebrating weddings and I feel genuinely joyful at first for them. But after the excitement fizzles and the streamers settle to the ground, ¬†I find my chest tightening up and there’s a void inside my heart that spits out reasons why I’m single, broken financially and destined to be alone forever. Jumping into this¬†pool of pity and self-deprivation only clouds me from seeing, feeling and believing in the rapturous radiance wanting to devour my entire self. Regardless of how much money I have or that I been sleeping like this for the past year.

This is where we start singing my favorite song from Rent, Take me or Leave me.

I want a love so deep that it makes me curl into a GIANT galaxy of gratitude. Feeding ON joy, radiance, and peace. Breathlessly passionate. And enriched because of EVERLASTING patience, compassion, and beauty for each other’s soul path.

Do you wanna press the gas pedal on your purpose and passion for love meanwhile clicking that self-love seatbelt to protect yourself? Watch my unboxing video.

I plan on diffusing these oils in the bedroom (specifically the relationship section according to feng shui) for the new moon and promise to dedicate myself to driving out fear by picking up love. No more shaming myself or isolating my light from people, places and things that wanna feed that joy spot. Makes your heart go vroom vroom.

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