12 Districts. 2 Tributes. 1 Survivor…Until now

A fire just rekindled itself and now it is burning so brightly as I wait for the third book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay to come out August 24th.

I am absolutely thrilled about these books that Suzanne Collins so delicately weaved together! Her writing takes you on a journey of one girl and one boy each from 12 districts into mayhem and fright of The Hunger Games where survival, intellect, and maybe some love keeps your heart, mind, and soul wanting to read more and more. I recently read the two books this past spring and really could not put them down. I avoided eating and doing homework until I got into another chapter of complete rebellion and conformity.

The basis of the trilogy is so moving that the first book The Hunger Games is being filmed into a movie by Lionsgate! Now, as a blooming TV artist, I absolutely hands down adore the thought and emotion of auditioning for this movie. Just auditioning would be a honor, because the books make me feel the same way as did reading the Harry Potter books and I have no problem “dying” on set because I can say I died for my district. Oh the thrill I am getting just writing this post.

Gosh, 20,000 or so people on Facebook.com likes The Hunger Games! Amazing! Collins truly created a masterpiece by writing these books and I raise my glass to all the characters that she has brought to life.

Katniss-The Girl who dazzled ignorant capital residents by her flaming beauty
Peeta– The boy who simply shared some bread
Gale– The strong one
Rue– One of my favorite characters. The youngest, but the loudest!
Cinna– Creativity runs through him like fire blazes through brush
Effie– On point and on time.
Haymitch– Don’t let his grouchiness fool you.
Primrose– Katniss’ little sister, healing hands just like their mom

These characters all have that special role in the heroine’s life and Collins depicted human interaction so vividly, I was bound to cry, laugh, and feel pain for every step that Katniss took in this legendary war between rebellion and conformity.

Katniss Everdeen ignites a flame that will send sparks flying in all directions as she defies the odds against her.

Will this tale of pure defiance lead her astray and her family in danger? Or will it change the course of capital history as we know it?

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