100th Post Giveaway Winners!!!!

And the winners are…

I had asked all of you to connect with me on various social networking platforms and most of you did. So I am so appreciative that you did in order to enter this giveaway! It was a pretty nice giveaway considering I used my own money to purchase the prizes. So be thankful…LOL. Well, to get to the point of the matter, I am really pleased to present to you all the winners of The Bernard Charles Show’s 100th Post Celebration Giveaway and the winners are Meghan Manahan for 3rd place, Emily Petsko for 2nd place, and for 1st place is Allison Martini. Congratulations to the winners and to those who took the time to enter as well.

Believe me there will be more awesome opportunities to follow, so don’t delete me just yet if you didn’t win! This is just the start of greater possibilities!

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