Color is science, philosophy and a tool for transformation. It is a great power to create a shift in the cultural obsessions with apathy and paints outside the lines of one’s self-denial. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have your support over the years and for you walking this journey with me. The Color Mage Oracle is a sacred gathering of my own spiritual journey and for you to hold it means you are not only holding a part of my soul but souls of thousands who carry and use this card deck as part of claiming their own life story. Thank you for taking the time to color with me.

But I must close this chapter for good.

Over the years we raised money, vibrations, and questions of how we are showing up for ourselves, others and the planet. I have witnessed betrayal, homelessness, joy, and insights yet here we are at a confluence of consciousness. Being invited to ascend. What I know for certain is that all great love returns. Not always in the same person, place, or thing, but awakened authentic radiant love always comes back for more. The universe has this interesting way of upcycling our broken dreams and lost inspirations. It’s this divine intelligence that matters more than government censorship, political hacks, domestic violence, racism, social media likes and however else fear wants to show up in the day.

The Color Mage is more than a brand. It’s been a voice for thousands lost in their own wood. And to those that have it, I ask that you take care of it and pass it down to others who may need guidance.

I will never surrender self-governance to appease arbitrary lines of society. This is what the globalized pandemic unveiled before my eyes. Lightworkers aren’t frivolous handmaidens on the side of the throne. No. We are love, light, and color. And we were born to live outside the lines.

– Bernard Charles