VitaJuwel’s gem water magic empowers my taste buds

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Drinking water is the most important task you can do not only for your body but your spirit too!

I’ve had my eye on the VitaJuwel for awhile because creating my own gem water / elixirs became a grayish obligation for my time. But with a few rainy penny savings, I purchased one and it’s a good thing too!

The concept behind the magic of VitaJuwel is pretty simple.

Gems inside these pristine glass vials vibrate their healing powers into the surrounding water and it’s completely safe to drink.

Do you honestly think water matters?

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by freezing droplets and examining them under a dark field microscope. Water and music, water and prayer and even natural water by itself has all been part of this majestic elemental beauty.

Everything is combination of energetic vibration. – masaru emoto

Tasting my magic

I delayed writing about my excitement when I received my wellness vial and glass pitcher because of delivery issues. The VitaJuwel company is not to blame for the service I’ve experienced with this product. I actually purchased this through an absentminded third party vendor that reclaimed their reputation with me by allowing me to keep the wrong item they sent me. It was a huge score and I am grateful seeing that I now possess a VitaJuwel wine decanter to accompany my pitcher and crystal combo vial.

Not wanting the agitation to disrupt or disturb my confidence in the energy provided by such a luxurious product, I waited and played with the essence of water over nine weeks.

Drinking the energy enriched water is sacred to me.

Leaving the water to rest near by bedside has improved my dream recall but also I noticed in about two weeks my mouth felt different.  I am tasting an array of subtle herbs and spices in dishes unbeknownst to me prior and this has enhanced my will to eat mindfully.

This refreshing life palette is color-raiding my body, mind and spirit also!

My wellness vial contains great color energies to work on in order to enhance personal senses. The amethyst purple, rose pink quartz and clear rock crystal orient my energy to vibrate to a color scheme that promotes self-love.

My sense of direction, feelings and relationships need a compassionate twin of egotism because that’s the only way for our human consciousness to fully tap into the consciousness of an age of pure manifestation.

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Conjuring wellness on the inside is just as important as fixing the broken life around you.

But you can’t save anyone if you don’t first save yourself.

If you start feeling good than the law of attraction will bunnyhop to the lightness in your life and give you more that which makes you feel good.

Honest gratitude and authentically appreciating the beauty already in your life is the only way to stop burning, numbing and slicing your taste of the pie.

Give your wellness a try with VitaJuwel and enjoy licking the deliciousness of everyday life.

Water never tasted so divine.

Until next time love, light and color 



Watch my new moon color forecast video in this limited time only eKit and see where your colorful wellness takes you this lunar cycle!

My color altar: white + the road to detachment


It’s been quite an extraordinary adventure these last few weeks.

Mercury retrograde really stormed up my perceptions and I managed to create an empire of color in a matter of days. Technically the seeds and soul-growth have been brewing and mixing for quite some time now, but you really lose track of time when the cannon ball shatters your sepia tinted view on life.

A hurricane of color surrounds me and I am the eye.

White cleans my space energetically and every time I peer over to perceive all the colors of light bounce off these trinkets and tools of my craft. I know that my soul is releasing those moments, objects and strings that no longer serve my highest good.

In my ebook, 7 Colors of Thanksgiving I talk about stressed family affairs around this time of the year needing the color white. And it feels like in this moment of metamorphosis – white is the best color for me to use to detach from the old way of thinking.

No more ill-focused conversations.

Or abandoned hope that everyone else and everything will save me.

I am the only soul-biscuit that must be accountable for my actions, choices and decisions.

Good riddance to the not so much vibes and hello to what I am really about, what I crave and what sparks this Aries flair!

Responsibility is where the heart lives.

It’s my duty and as it is yours to live a life of love and light. Authentically embodying that essence and inspiring others to reach their evolution in simple ways.

We could be out at the grocery store and someone just needs a smile to detach themselves from the monotony and mundane.

You could look in the mirror and realize that you are alive and have so much to be grateful for like natural beauty, aged wisdom the free will to take back control of your life and let go of all nonsense.

Come from purity and you will invoke the true worth of white and earn those eternal wings you’ve been seeking.

A happy new moon

This is a time of endings and beginnings.

Transitions and change.

In order to help you keep living in color naturally, I spent most of my day yesterday creating a monthly offer to help those that desire to take the laws of color in their own hands.

Each new moon there will be a color forecast video specific to the lunar cycle as well as a workbook to remind you of the color energies and how you relate to each hue.

I would be honored to aid you in detaching from your aged and fragile cocoon that no longer serves you through my new moon in color ekit.

Until next time love, light and color 



I resigned from my corporate position in the fashion industry and will be pursuing my improved colorliciousness full time. How’s that for detachment and following the messages from the Universe?


I’ve been wielding desert rose crystals to deal with my anxiety and grief during this wicked time of cosmic soularity and out growing of old skin. It’s been encouraging and soothing my angered soul – the world does not need any more negativity!  It needs improved soul-clarity!


How to Shreem brzee in color

shreem brzee photo

Shreem brzee. 

What is this shreem brzee?

I have been swarming and oozing over this sound technology developed by spiritual leader and humanitarian, Dr. Baskaran Pillai.

This specific mantra is for prosperity and abundance.

Now, you want to know more – huh?

Ok! Great!

According to Dr. Pillai, poverty is a dis-ease of the brain. He has developed a method to target poverty in various parts of the brain, and change it through the use of simple sounds – mantras.

Right now there are thousands if not millions of people suffering at the hands of a cruel illusion.

Manifested by man himself.

Money is something I’ve struggled with unintentionally.

(Maybe my soul chose this life and since I am a warrior at heart that means I wanted a challenge in the first place.)

I was born in a family that struggles hard with money so forgive me.

Ok, I will forgive myself too!

How to pronounce shreem brzee

It’s exactly how it is spelled in the English language. Shhh-reem Brr(roll the R)zee If you are lost in translation please see this video because love it.

Chanting the easy breezy bounty call

This mantra needs to be recited as many times as you feel confident + secure. The mainstream number though is 108 but I just started and strongly feel that one super-aligned-excited set of four does the trick. Besides once you get started you won’t want to stop. I kept shreem brzeeing all day because it felt like fears crept up on me throughout the day about my abundance and I needed to blast away those demons with a good happy shreem.

Shreem Brzee in color

My soul does not give up though and since the wonderful world of color speaks so well to me I had to conjure hues for this prosperous tune.

Shreem brzee in four magical colors that will surely help you feel the power of  wealth and love include gold, white, scarlet and purple.

The messages were clear that this color scheme for this poverty buster not only appreciate money but validate our self-worth as human beings.

As any person would think in a state of fear, life is encased by a glass ceiling. But this is far from the truth.

It’s time to break away and be wildly nurturing to how unlimited the Universe truly is.

Shreem brzee.

  • Gold is a strong frequency that touches divinity and the cosmic dust sheened by the dawn of creation is encapsulated by this heavenly hue.
  • White cleanses and reminds us to detach from our earth-bound pains and sufferings.
  • Scarlet teaches us that all success promotes gratitude.
  • Purple defies the ego and places improvement on spirit and soul.

How to use color and shreem brzee

When chanting mantras you can use mala beads to keep track of your prayers and incantations. Having any or all of the shreem brzee colors would be perfectly colorful as a personal mala bead set and you can try this Carnelian mala of abundance to start!

Crystals that would improve your shreem brzee chanting would be citrine, quartz, carnelian and sugilite.

Totally spraying this clary sage and lupine flower essence by Plantfolk Apothecary around you before and after your mantra session certainly is bliss. I have the spray and totally feel elated each time I spray directly above me, over my heart chakra and on my hands.

Free goody alert: If you love the above image you can download it here to set as your computer background.

Until next time love, light and color