Hosting guest bloggers for 2015 spirit & wellness event

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I’ll be straight-forward with you.

I am looking to feature you right here on my blog during a week-long linky party in January. Fantabulous features that inform, inspire and celebrate the victories of being pro-holistic or pro-spiritual.

This is your chance to share your wisdom and personal stories with the community. The theme for posts should surround topics dealing with MAGIC + MYTH.

Magic helped me to discover

My first encounter with myth was

Write about how you used magic + myth to conquer a fear

Tell us how you feel about your legendary spirit animal

Guest Blogger goodies

Exposure to about 7,000 (7,112 is the exact number as of today) souls via Facebook including friends, Twitter, Tumblr, and blog/newsletter Subscribers.

Author byline and photo will be added to your post. Along with links to your social media sites. Don’t forget these!


Submission guidelines and rules

  1. All submissions must relate to the theme of using, strengthening or understanding MAGIC + MYTH (personal stories are sexy!)
  2. Your submission must be your own original work. I will not accept work that has been published elsewhere, including your personal blog because that is sideswiping your creative muse…which isn’t very nice!

Guest posts may be written as an article or created through a vlog style

  • Article submissions should be no longer than 1,000 words & emailed to me as text or google doc
  • Video submissions should be no longer than 8 minutes & uploaded to YouTube

Submissions not accepted after 12/13/13


click me to register

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Get excited for the party
To spread the word about your feature, use #spiritwellnessparty when you talk about the link up!

Rising warmage and improving my domain through mint color


Woah there!

I’ve been having an affair with my old self and been energetically attached to it for 5 years.

You would think through all of the eclipses and adventures I’ve endured in the last year that this old self would have been outta here completely.

Truth is, it’s lingered here for quite some time in such a sneaky sort of way.

Yesterday, I was pondering my passions for color and it struck me pretty hard (weeping followed as well as a mad dash to emailing a firefly who blinks her light miles away). I realized that my domain name isn’t doing me or my soul justice.

“Honestly, who wants to know you talk” shouted my inner enemy.

Everyone talks I replied embarrassed that it took me this long to understand.

Yeah this is a blog with comments so lots of chatter happens. However,  I was inspired to use that domain at a time when I wanted to become a television talk show host.

The exact moment when all this fell into my lap was when I was reading someone else’s color yesterday! I was in video form and my warrior-self struck a battle pose and I started spilling the beans about my journey as a blogger:

  • I began in 2009
  • Dream was to meet Ellen DeGeneres
  • America’s Future Talk Show Host
  • Goofy YouTube videos
  • Met a witch who lives near the sea
  • The Bernard Charles Show
  • Became a crystal healer
  • Discovered a color deck
  • Back to YouTube
  • @ intuitionhost
  • Finally…five years later and I present to you a home for the color mage (

It’s a funny bit of a journey.

I suppose I took the long way around and wanted to test my strength and cut away the thickets when I could.

Yet, evolution is natural.

Blending my passion for color and magic to tidy up things here in a housekeeping sort of fashion is a personal refuge to take control of who I am, where I need to be and how I can get there in the most chariot speedy way possible!

Quite excited to set foot along this course and I hope you can journey with me as well. Find me on Instagram and Facebook so many more colors and magic to spell!

Extra color bit: The color pulled for today is mint – meaning decisive action! Don’t you just love synchronicity! So I have some tasty spearmint tea to battle well and will be working with aquamarine to balance my emotions as I grow into my new name . . . my new home.

Get a color card from my own personal color deck

colordeckpreview special

My own color card deck is on it’s way and I need to beef it up with energy, but I would like your help to do so!

For a limited time only I have this super sexy color reading offer up for grabs but it’s not a just color reading.

This is your chance to purchase an intuitive color reading at a discounted price while I use my NEW cards + you will also receive a color card card in the mail that is solely part of my color deck.

I can only keep this offer open for so long and for so many people so if you gotten a color reading from me before this is your time to reconnect with me as the energy feels so super-charged right now like I am conjuring my own supermoon!

If you have never gotten a color reading from me now is the time to put my intuition and my deck to the test!

Believe me I love being a skeptic and scientist, but I can assure you that like thoughts and chemicals, color too is energy and it will transform your life.

Enable you to master your destiny.

Unfold a path that is flooded with soul and spirit.

Trust me this is the start of my colorful path as a warmage and I would be honored to guide you on how to use color to protect yourself against the evils of this world and how to better your spiritual evolution through color awareness.

You just need to take the leap of faith and blink your light with me.

Click here to preorder your GET A READING GET A CARD offer.