The one question you must ask yourself when it downpours pain, heartbreak and loss

rescue card Colete baron reid photoI’ve probably consulted my own cards about my personal life more than 40 times in the past two weeks.

All signs pointing the way to follow my intuition – my heart.

With great change comes responsibility to survive, be secure and provide safety for myself.

I don’t know how you’ve dealt with the trials of life up until this point but you are reading this and lived through the thick of it. Bravo!

Repeatedly, I look to others as source of inspiration. If they can do it, than I can do it.

It’s not that hard.

Well, comparing myself to them probably isn’t the cleanest way to handle pain, breakups or loss of any kind. Each person brings a unique flavor to the mix even though the dish might be the same. So, I sat down and asked myself one question with some help of The Round Table.

What am I learning right now?

It’s simple and I totally came to the same conclusion when I walked 10 miles in the rain earlier this week.

Our struggles are worthless and mediocre until we learn something from them.

Instead of an elaborate card spread or meditating for hours to try and find answers, I kept my inquiry short and sweet. Even the most mind thrashing of decisions can be easily hand-picked by re-framing the question away from pinning each fork in the road up against each other like a pros and cons list.

Every condition in the choice you make will have an affect on you and not choosing a path or choosing not to expect anything is still a decision you are consciously creating for yourself.


What are you learning right now?

For me, I must get out of my head (which tends to be my worst enemy in moments like this) so I consulted Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map oracle cards. The one card that I drew up for my in-the-moment reading was Rescue.

Immediately self-rescue came to mind.

But I had to affirm my intuition just a bit more and so I found this song in seconds of searching my soul-keyword: rescue.

This is exactly where I’m at, what I’m learning and how I’m feeling.

It’s going to be ok!

Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I would love to read your color.

A hometown pilgrimage shines light on my personal growth

wilkes barre pennsylvania photo

I walked 10 miles yesterday.

Legs sore.
Feet screaming.
Ears chilled by the Autumn rain.

This is my life. 

I cursed the situation up one side and down the other.
I forced myself to think positive.
I pushed myself every step of the way and the Universe rewarded me with insights, coins and the fierce satisfaction of perseverance.

How you feel after that ass kicking workout. Or how you feel after giving that final push in the delivery room.

Plain and simple, we all have struggles.Every being on this planet struggle but this soulful trek through the damp terrain gave me time to reflect on how far I’ve come and that my struggles have no value if I don’t learn from them. We all have the necessary amount of baggage our souls endure in order to expand our evolution.

collecting change on the side of the road  photo
No matter what the situation is – we only handle what we are destined to handle.

I’ve been seething for a week now about moving to New York. It’s a struggle because I don’t believe my energy is worthy. What I bring to the table, is it going to be good enough?

Well, I have some news. During this 5-hour quest of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I realized that I am reinventing myself by making this move. It’s not for my family, it’s not for the neighbors, it’s not for anyone else but me. Energetically detaching myself from my hometown so I can take care, nourish and love me is my personal calling.This is the ending and the beginning of a continuing course called destiny. After walking for hours and just making it 5 minutes from the house, a car honks at me and pulls to the side of the road. The guy asked if I wanted a ride. I declined.

The Universe provided me with a random stranger to momentarily relieve me of my struggle. I’ve thwarted self-nourishment and self-indulgence for so long because we are constantly told it’s selfish. But I was so close to where I needed to be that I rather have another struggle in my life relieved.

I will continue to persevere in order to savor, appreciate, love and feel the burn of the journey. Because I will survive with or without you by my side.

Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I would love to read your color.

P.P.S. I collected 22 cents along the way.

How to read those tea leaves for love, abundance and more

how to read tea leaves

I sat down with my druid divination tea seeping a bronze hue into my hot crystal clear water. I released my prayers and sipped mindfully mulling over all my questions – all my obstacles and doubts.

Allowing the consumption of sacred energy to fill my solar plexus with effortless comfort and ease.

Mindfulness and tea drinking

Tea reading or tasseomancy is an ancient practice in foreseeing our fortunes and answering our deepest prayers. It goes back centuries to the ancients and connecting with the plant kingdom in this regard is a pleasure not fully expressed by words – but in action and feeling.

My purple candle flickered and I allowed my intuitive instincts about my life get entranced by the earth tones carried by mugwort, eyebright and lemon balm. The grounded force squeezed the energy from me and I grow deeply tiresome as I swish the flavors each time the edge of the cup presses against my lips.

No honey.

No sugar.

Raw delight is how I experience joy in my cup. Making tea in this fashion is not for everyone but for me to experience the seriousness of divination, I prefer foresight to be intense and legendary.

Not masked by a sweetness so illusive that my senses become naive to life’s balance in light and dark.

Casting your tea circle

After you worked on your tea and there is a splash of liquid left, if you taken your tea bag or loose leaf strainer out of the vessel, gently and gracefully rip the bag or strainer open over your cup. I do prefer working with a white cup because I can see the leaves better! Once the first clunk, wad or bit of tea falls inside, hold it by the handle and swirl in whatever direction you choose. While doing so, make sure you are asking a question and envisioning the circling motion rile up your energy – your magic.

This is very important because as you allow your body to move with the axis of the planet, the magnetic resonance and gravity is balancing your leaves with your energy to produce symbols, images and feelings best suited for you.

If you’re done swirling, quickly tip the cup onto a plate and tap the bottom three times with intention to receive a message. Lift the cup and have the handle facing you. If there are no leaves present as they fell out of the cup then you mustn’t inquire the leaves at this time.

Looking inside

When you do see a shower of leaves sprinkled inside or clumped together like a communal bundle of intuition, work your eyes deeply into the cup. Ask your higher self, God or the big U to guide you further. I like to talk to myself out loud and spout off words or impressions like a fast train of thought. Recording your verbals can be handy!

Go ahead and peer inside and discover what symbols, logos and shapes come to the surface. The above image is of a reading I performed today for myself. At first I saw a tornado and instantly the phrase “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” comes to mind from The Wizard of Oz. But also I quickly allowed my mind to wander for a few seconds after wards to conclude this is the outline of New York.

Give your tea reading skills a try and if you have questions please let me know!

Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I would love to read your color (tea is possible too!).