Thinning of the veil means we can connect to our ancestors, how

hands of the ancestors

Our ancestors were survivalists.



And seekers.

They set foot adventuring this world we call life in order to provide safety, nurturing love and provisions to keep the next generation fueled.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to connect with our ancestors especially since this time of the year honors such a familiar energy.

Kinship has not always been an easy connection for me though.

I struggle daily to show gratitude for a family I’ve come to dishonor and disrespect.

My love is generous to those that meet my expectations and how ghastly daring it is to put my ego on such a pedestal. I just didn’t understand why I felt so disturbed by the state of my family. My parents married young, had me shortly after and divorced ten years later. I don’t think I hold grudges toward this natural and acceptable case of falling out, but I do want answers to what I have to learn from such a family.

And the insight I received was by dealing with the dead.

Energy is ever-present and even though I never met my whole family from the dawn of humanity itself, I do feel a calling to connect with any of them to try and piece together what my purpose and family goals should be at least in this life time.

We all are connected even to the dead.

An exchange of energy merely happens when two people have sex and of course in the straight lingo of our species; babies are the gift of such a passionate and romantic tango. In some cases the conception is not all just and fair as my ideal self would like to believe and of course this imbalance seethes for generations and I believe we have our family spats and mishaps because bad energy avalanched for so many years creating a bigger mess of ignorance and intolerance.

Since I  value color as a sacred tool for understanding this world, I hit to my intuition and let the colors connect me to my ancestors to unveil the inherited truths of both my maternal and paternal bloodlines.

I won’t get into super specifics about the astonishing hit the nail on the head moments but I did connect to a dominating female presence that is both beautiful and meticulous. Well-equipped in controlling her emotions…crying in front of others is not in her manner. I inherited her charisma and love for people. A home-bound activist struggling to lift her family out of poverty which is the repeating lesson in my family tree. The colors that stepped through for me to really connect with my ancient bloodline were centered in the navel, root and heart chakras. Three main energy centers that I focus on maintaining daily because I definitely feel like they need extra greasing.

All we can do now is learn from our family’s past in order to improve the future.

Uprooting this information has helped me tune into my spiritual DNA and if you would like to check the color reading out – click here to connect with your ancestors in color.

I just read for myself and these lessons and synchronicities that came through in the reading are affirming lots of my struggles right now with home. I hope that Ms. Shea (that’s the color that came forth) is more beauty and less beastly so I can expand as she wanted to so many years ago.

The lantern light against the dark night


I am in solitude. 

The darkness somberly awaits for me to arrive. 

Last eve, I had the most enchanting experience. There I was entering a mausoleum and pushed my hands down before this earthbound structure. It had a figure unknown to man resting on top of a large rectangular block. The soil cradled my  fingers and I could feel the pulse of stagnancy of all these years. 

A soul trapped beneath concrete and encased by death itself. 

We mourn those we lose. 

We forget times when life was ever lasting in the moment. 

We no longer love.

Words began to fall from my mouth and my intentions were to raise this soul from the dead. Breathe life into its fallen body. And make love with the reaper himself. 

A green glow surrounded my hands and tombstone. It ascends into the dark expanse above. I pulled my glance closer and saw the markings of what is familiar. 

I found only one word enter my focus. 


I awoke empowered this morning. Finally understanding what I had lost was buried and protected for centuries. My third eye unlocked this vault and I am most grateful. Reclaiming my true self is important and valid. I seek nothing more than borne a forgotten sun.

Respecting yourself may not always be cured by shopping or taking a wild outlandish vacation. It may simply be to face the dark and pace yourself as you embark through an alley of fear and unknown.

At this time, I will be respecting myself a lot more and just as much light I have the power to produce, I can equally conjure waves of darkness to keep my enemies in fear. I do not play for the sake of romanticizing this life.

Authenticity bears the mark of light and dark.

Stay true to yourself and raise your past lives from the dead. You have lessons to learn and stories to tell.

My color altar: big boy blue blowing his horn


I never experienced so much certainty in one week.

This past week working with my throat chakra and the color blue has given me the joy of expression.

New feel and flow with my work online, playing a fantasy mmorpg (WoW), connecting with more magical folk that want to party it up in 2015 and to top it off my soulship is reaching one year which I am too emotional to talk about.

Blue is about taking control of your life.

I usually express myself depending on my environments and who I am around, but this color intensive has been opening and supportive to my soul’s essence to speak my truth – at all times.

The horn that I blow isn’t only an extension of tooting for personal gains.

I am thousands of souls and as such I speak beyond myself.

A major element this week brought into my space was letting go of those I admired. Enchanted only by their accomplishments and nothing more.

Something is fake about enterprising spiritual wellness.

What I do is totally spiritual wellness and I make a profit – yup.

But I realized that keeping up with everyone else’s distortions is fucking boring.

I don’t put up with hoarders and energy vampires either!

Those people/companies do not humbly respect energy so I put on my bitch face and don’t let them in energetically.

Energy is enjoyable in modest exchanges.

I respect and honor authenticity and it would be to your advantage if you ruled your life by this virtue as well.

Blue has reassured me that my voice is strong and for that I am grateful.

We all are genuine to our own collective experience and most live in the moment as best we can.

Artists create.

Dancers move.

Writers speak.

Your role is important too.

You and I have been given the chance to survive, feel and fight.

So why not express this truth and step into the brilliant light.