May Cause Miracles

Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles Blog Series event

A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness 

“Today I live a miraculous life and am on a mission to help everyone do the same.” - Gabrielle Bernstein

To my readers and inspiration believers:

Gabrielle Bernstein is considered a “new role model” by the New York Times and a “guru” by many for her spiritual awareness and miracle making practice. Now it’s time to put the words of Bernstein through a Bernard experience. Join me in reflecting and tracking 40 inspiring and miraculous days as I read the bestselling book, May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. I will be blogging for each day and creating sweet vlogs on my YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date on my thoughts and reactions to this acclaimed spirit junkie.

If you can, join in and read the book with me! You can buy her book online and experience the journey for yourself. I would love to do this with you, but if I must go alone…then that shall be.

A little bit about the book

Each day is comprised of a morning reflection and evening exercise that should be done in a sacred meditation space. A journal will be at hand and keeping the 5 senses open for signs of intuition, synchronicity and miracles are an absolute!

  • Week 1: Fear is the target of discourse. Gratitude and forgiveness are the tools of light to make positive shift. 
  • Week 2: Combat self-attack with self-love. Feeling like a whole lot of me time to share with the world here.
  • Week 3: Active food and body exercises to better the ingestion of life.
  • Week 4: Cupid is among us, as we dive into romance miracles for the attached or single.
  • Week 5: Money makes the world go round, right?
  • Week 6: Learning how service as a miracle worker betters the greater good.

This should be very interesting to share with you all and feel free to find me on Facebook if you have a question about the book as I am a Gabrielle Bernstein Ambassador, Certified Crystal Healer and Founder of My Inspiration Network. I think that should cover all your bases of inquiries. :)

May Cause Miracles blog series starts Monday March 25, 2013 

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40 thoughts on “May Cause Miracles

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  5. Hi Bernard, is it set up in here to get email notifications for each day. (ie. we get emailed a link (to here) for the daily blog?) ……thought i had put my email in this site (?) (subscribed) . There hasn’t been notifications sent to my email -for a daily blog (I may just be imagining that i put email address in) checked my spam (deleted folder) didn’t see anything…..could be overly tired from tax season- hallucinatatory…

    Anyhoo, love this! I can relate to wanting to inspire! go aries! go slow & steady too! heheh xo

    • Hi! There is an email platform to get the blog posts sent to you via subscription. Looks like you found it. There will be a new post tomorrow and it will be sent to your inbox. But check to see if you properly approved your subscription from WordPress. If not then you may subscribe by going to the side on this site, under the “subscribe” title you can input your email that you would like to receive posts to. If you have further issues just message me! Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Bernard, is there email notification for the daily blog (may cause miracles) ?.. i haven’t seen anything in my box or in spam(deleted ) box.. hmm .. okay, i’ll put email in this site again — so stoked to be able to access the days here! xo

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