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The largest link party for holistic and spiritual awareness

As a social media consumer, aren’t you tired of the negative and fear driven posts that engulf the virtual world? This week-long link party is to deepen the online appreciation for positive spirituality and holistic wellness. Check out how these amazing people spread pure natural love & light.

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spirit and wellness link party photo

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9 thoughts on “2014 SPIRIT WELLNESS PARTY

  1. my idol is my big brother Bernie (intuition host) and he has always been there for me whenever i needed advice or help with anything i love him no matter what and that is how he rocks my world lol :)

  2. This is a really difficult question to answer! There are a number of people who I look up to and love for their guidance and beautiful light work. You included, Bernard. Too difficult to say who is my most influential. Love them all. <3

  3. i would have to say that mine would be not any one person as much as one group of amazing people….Soul Path Tribe have been such a wonderful help to me and that is how I got Bernard in my life, and what a wonderful thing this is….much love to you Bernard this Spirit Wellness Party is great

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