I walk with glitter now

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So I have been storming and brewing a tantrum since resigning.

The material world can be so overrated and glammed to the nines.

But there is something radical and uplifting about glitter.

I went to Walmart last weekend because I felt compelled to get out of the house and offer to make a debut appearance in public. I hopped in the car with my sister to Wally-World and set out to find delicious granola bars, $2 pumpkins and caught myself swooning over the last minute Halloween decorations.

It occurred to me that it was officially Autumn in my world when I peered over the changing landscape.

A gray blanketed sky struck by reds, oranges and yellow hues externally expressed what I felt like on the inside.

Color is quite sacred but what can the aurora of glitter suggest in your personal energy field?

I started to ponder and collect first impressions something I teach in my color mentorship. Glitter was never an element I elected to flaunt or related to because boys are intentionally shunned from such a dazzling force.

Naturally this lush color energy that I too feared just like pink needed acknowledgement.

A little voice in my head pushed me to be brave and reminded me that color needs no permission just mindfulness. And just like that I found myself connecting with my inner sparkle.

For my business – I purchased a glitter notebook to remind me that my divine soul biz shines.

For my heart – I purchased two different nail polishes one called the “golden rule” and the other “spitfire” both of which were overpriced in my opinion but who cares what the cost maybe as long as your intention is pure and you recognize that your soul is priceless. Truth is, I wanted both, and the first one “spit fire” called to me and when I asked my sister to pick one out for me, she pulled the same one – it’s meant to be!

I am currently in an exponential growth period that my glittery nails and notebook not only rebel against gender rules for boys but it certainly adds a dash of magic to my overall experience with color and heightens my emotional intelligence beyond current dimensions.

Glitter is the aurora of your inner sparkle. – Bernard Charles

glitter is for abundance photo

Work with silvery glitter to keep up your persistence in shining gracefully. Of course I’ve found that when I work with glitter I am drawn to herkimer diamond crystals! These vibrational sweets in the crystal kingdom provide authentic connections to your own source of power but also help you connect with others on a higher plane. So if you’ve been wishing on those shooting stars or been dependent on astrology as a means to connect with a soul mate or multi-dimensional heart throbs know that herkimers and glitter are the way to go.

It’s an equivalent to the speed of light!

Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I have availability open for readings.

Color treating your relationship with Halloween


halloween horoscope tarot reading


All hallow’s eve


This is my favorite holiday of the year! Nor witch or goblin can make me believe otherwise.

The colors of Halloween are pivotal to our evolution as an energetic body. This heightened season of magic, death and fear motivate us to honor a realm we call afterlife. This is a period to allow us to reflect on the meaning of light and dark.

I used to be fearful of walking at night.

Exposing myself in a space of complete darkness scared me.

Limiting hopes in finding the sun kept me frozen.

Trick of the moon

I used to see the moon as a distant trickster that only wanted to haunt and make people go crazy when it beamed full.

But this is not the whole spectrum of La Luna.

The secret of the moon influences my intuition and emotions immensely. And the metaphysical balance this ancient satellite brings to us can be interpreted through color.

Color reading for October 26 – November 1, 2014

When there are shadows and shapeshifters in the night, use the moon as a light source guiding you on your soul path. Here is a special color forecast for your upcoming All Hallow’s week. if you would like a personal reading please let me know.

halloween horoscope

Ace of cups reversed

We start our week off with emotional abundance spilling and splashing our focus to pay critical attention to our upper third eye and crown chakra regions. Using Mauve and Lilac will help you become emotionally flexible and hear your intuition more clearly. Facing those post-retrograde promises, fears and challenges and making those necessary changes are still in full swing. Be open to a renewed outlet offering you a bigger chalice to fill and keep the faith that you are enough to satisfy this ever flowing cycle. What you lose now is no match of the energy you’ll gain in the future. Believe and vibrate well.  Lepidolite and Amethyst crystals are strong to use in the next few days.

Five of swords

If you heed the advice from the Ace than your mid-week shall continue to let you know that you must continue to release all energy that does not serve you. Burgundy and Iris in tandem cradles your passions and you will need to accept your situation as is – especially the relationship you are groveling about for weeks needs to be released to the Universe. A new spring is bound to come and your limitations whether a lack of money or mobility must be accepted. You are here in this precise moment to swallow your pride and be grateful! Find a new tree to bark up – it will save your soul time and energy trust me! This ghost pipe and carnelian tincture should ease your irritation over this grief – the old life you are beginning to leave behind must be released. RIP.

Nine of swords

Finally the end of your All Hallow’s week raises spirit from the dead and the afterlife is truly present on Earth. Our color energy of Paradise and Poison Ivy warns you of deception, disappointment, failure, cruelty and violence. You face the sky ready to curse the Heavens above for abandoning you and leaving you behind. This energy reminds us of the grief martyrdom has on our soul. Death and decay like all things is a natural order of the day. You’ll feel mental anguish, over-reactions and outbursts prompted by ego and jealousy. If you are going to any Halloween parties or social spirited gatherings, bring tiger’s eye with you to ward off jealous energy stemming from your heart chakra or being projected toward you from another being. Even though you see others with the success, love and life you crave, know that you are releasing baggage to make room for a new year – a new life.

Until next time love, light and color 


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VitaJuwel’s gem water magic empowers my taste buds

IMG_5009 - Copy

Drinking water is the most important task you can do not only for your body but your spirit too!

I’ve had my eye on the VitaJuwel for awhile because creating my own gem water / elixirs became a grayish obligation for my time. But with a few rainy penny savings, I purchased one and it’s a good thing too!

The concept behind the magic of VitaJuwel is pretty simple.

Gems inside these pristine glass vials vibrate their healing powers into the surrounding water and it’s completely safe to drink.

Do you honestly think water matters?

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by freezing droplets and examining them under a dark field microscope. Water and music, water and prayer and even natural water by itself has all been part of this majestic elemental beauty.

Everything is combination of energetic vibration. – masaru emoto

Tasting my magic

I delayed writing about my excitement when I received my wellness vial and glass pitcher because of delivery issues. The VitaJuwel company is not to blame for the service I’ve experienced with this product. I actually purchased this through an absentminded third party vendor that reclaimed their reputation with me by allowing me to keep the wrong item they sent me. It was a huge score and I am grateful seeing that I now possess a VitaJuwel wine decanter to accompany my pitcher and crystal combo vial.

Not wanting the agitation to disrupt or disturb my confidence in the energy provided by such a luxurious product, I waited and played with the essence of water over nine weeks.

Drinking the energy enriched water is sacred to me.

Leaving the water to rest near by bedside has improved my dream recall but also I noticed in about two weeks my mouth felt different.  I am tasting an array of subtle herbs and spices in dishes unbeknownst to me prior and this has enhanced my will to eat mindfully.

This refreshing life palette is color-raiding my body, mind and spirit also!

My wellness vial contains great color energies to work on in order to enhance personal senses. The amethyst purple, rose pink quartz and clear rock crystal orient my energy to vibrate to a color scheme that promotes self-love.

My sense of direction, feelings and relationships need a compassionate twin of egotism because that’s the only way for our human consciousness to fully tap into the consciousness of an age of pure manifestation.

IMG_5011 - Copy

Conjuring wellness on the inside is just as important as fixing the broken life around you.

But you can’t save anyone if you don’t first save yourself.

If you start feeling good than the law of attraction will bunnyhop to the lightness in your life and give you more that which makes you feel good.

Honest gratitude and authentically appreciating the beauty already in your life is the only way to stop burning, numbing and slicing your taste of the pie.

Give your wellness a try with VitaJuwel and enjoy licking the deliciousness of everyday life.

Water never tasted so divine.

Until next time love, light and color 



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