Book Review: Intuition for Beginners

Review by Bernard-Charles

Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities. Diane Brandon. Minnesota: Llewellyn, 2013. 288 pp.

Intuition for beginners diane brandon photoDefining intuition is no easy task because intuition sweeps over people so differently, yet Diane Brandon details in her book Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities the many circumstances of intuition whether it is myth or deciphering a form of intuition. She also provides helpful exercises to activate one’s intuition effectively that range from introductory level to more advanced practices.

Spending over 20 years in practice to understand intuitive development, Brandon makes intuition look and feel easily obtainable for the non-believer and uses her own story to validate why and how this magical art can be accessed by everyone including the average skeptic. I chose this book specifically to review because I found myself explaining intuition to non-believers all the time and it was draining to think of the many moving parts associated with intuition. I even would forget that my intuition could be different from somebody else’s so this book acted as a great reminder of the many ways how intuition appears in life.

If you already believe in the power of intuition then I suggest having Intuition for Beginners on hand to not only recommend to others but to rekindle your own connection with the Universe. I have lost in touch with my intuition in the last few months because I was entering a stage of transformation and this book helped me to reconnect and heal proactively. The exercises show immediate results if your intent is true and you promise to keep focused. My senses began to open again to the synchronicities in my reality and this book was a perfect tool in strengthening my intuition.

However, I was thrown off as a reviewer because this title was an uncorrected version so I was a bit critical of grammar and spelling, but that surely would not detract from the final product. The key concepts are thorough and strong with or without the drudgery of proofing. It’s that good.

What Brandon offers in her book is a brave step toward empowerment and spirituality for every individual and I see it used as a valid textbook for intuitive development classes across the globe.

Diane Brandon is an integrative intuitive counselor and dream interpreter. She is also the author of Invisible Footprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life. Learn more about Diane and her work at


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