O’Donnell Engagement shows real Rosie and a cup of Joe


Michelle Rounds (left) and Rosie O'Donnell -- credit: Rosalie O'Connor

It was announced today that Rosie O’Donnell and her girlfriend Michelle Rounds will be getting married. According to Entertainment Weekly, a date has not yet been decided. In other news, the social media reaction to such an announcement has been barren. 

I looked at Entertainment Weekly’s tweets and Facebook likes and did not see much going on. So I proceeded to The Huffington Post and was mildly impressed by the turn out with only about 20 tweets and 1 Facebook response sharing the news. Just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything internationally, I went to Daily Mail, a United Kingdom news site and sure enough the announcement was published, but with only six comments at the time and no social media shares.  So what is up with this newly acclaimed OWN talk show host

The answer lies within The Huffington Post’s interview with O’Donnell, they asked 

Did you feel more confined as the “Queen of Nice” or “Hotheaded Rosie”?

I think probably Queen of Nice. I remember performing at Caesar’s Palace at the beginning of my show and literally halfway through my hour of stand-up I could hear people getting up and leaving, saying, “She’s not that lady from TV.” People buy into you as one image; they pigeonhole you for the narrative in their brain, who you represent in the culture or to them. Often that doesn’t have to do with who you are as a human being.

O’Donnell in her answer reveals the true nature of why social media hasn’t been sharing her story. She basically has been painted a certain way and people judge her on those already established notions. O’Donnell continued to share with Huffington her 1992 role in A League of Their Own,

I think I was kind of fortunate that my first real brush with fame was playing Madonna’s best friend in “A League of Their Own” — to go out for dinner with Madonna and see what kind of reaction she elicited in people. Fans sleeping outside her apartment or people coming up to her and telling her they liked her better blonde or she didn’t look as hot as they thought she would … I remember saying to her, “How can you live like this?” It helped me understand how crazy it can become.

Most would agree that her outbreaks on The View caused people to think negatively of her character and probably moved fans to ignore her image altogether. However I believe she is just as talented as Ellen DeGeneres, whose social media effect about her engagement with Portia de Rossi was much more viral. It is fascinating that we have two well-known lesbians, who normally cannot marry in most states, have talk show careers, and yet there seems to be a varying affect on the community. 

This makes me question if the real Rosie O’Donnell is truly owning her life and if her career and persona are merely just two sugar cubes in a cup of Joe.

People.com reports that Rosie O’Donnell met Michelle Rounds at a Starbucks this past summer. 

So, tell me about it

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