2010 Tribute

Since today is the last day of 2010, I would like to give thanks to some really special people in my life and look at some of the highlights of my 2010!

January- I spent the first seconds of the new year with my best friend and fashion expert Antoinette Reason at mutual friend Kassandra Johnson’s house for a New Year’s celebration! It was fun minus that Antie and I got lost on the way there and could not make that dang turn down the alley way. Not to mention, the weather was icy and snowing and Antie never drove a van before, so we did make it work. I pumped gas for the first time too!

February- Nothing much happened in this month, besides that I shared V-Day with friends, no one in particular (not saying a lover was not wanted, I am all for not being single, but I did spend it with those who cares and loves me ). Also the Freshman Show: February 25, 2010 case at Point Park was in this month. My dear and close friend Brianna Boyle choreographed “Master of Puppets.” It was absolutely extraordinaire, since I guided her a bit in decisions and the story line for the dancers. Okay, I cannot take all of the credit. She is really talented and I commend her for her accomplishments thus far.

March- Here, I was able to attend Justice through Journalism, a gala benefit for The Innocence Institute of Point Park University featuring author of The Innocent Man and The Firm, John Grisham. It was exciting to hear Grisham speak about exonerated men and how his books stir controversy. Hence the security being so tight and the mob that was outside of the building protesting against Grisham and his beliefs.  Also at the event, there were these marvelous paintings “Voices of Innocence” displaying real exonerated men that local Pittsburgh artist, Daniel Bolick created to depict the very emotions that these freed men go through by his creative use of color and line.

April- Probably my favorite month, besides October. Why? Because of course it is my birthday! Got some gifts and cards from my friends. Oh so nice, which by the way folks, I still have them! So I could use them against you when you all become rich and famous. Well on the day of my birthday, there was a dance called “Spring Fever” at Whim Nightclub. Haha, I do not remember much besides that I have a ticket stub to prove it. Actually, I have more than one, which kind of scares me,not to remember that night. Well, on the downside of my birthday, I got to go and choose my room for the 2010-2011 school year. UGH! What a con that was. Something deep down inside me told me that this year’s room arrangement was going to be another rotten apple. Oh well. I do not talk to my roommate and we make minimal attempt to communicate. Just how things are rolling, not my toilet paper! Starting as soon as I get back to school, the TP is hiding in my closet. PERIOD. I swear he eats it for every meal. Moving forward, this month has been really eventful. I actually went to my first Pittsburgh Pirates game and loved it. Awesome photographer, Lindsay Brandt invited me along with her awesome floor and roomies and then we left early because it was too damn cold! It was amazing regardless. This is also the end of my freshman year! Departing was hard, but so much took place, I could never forget how amazing the year unfolded itself.

May- Home for a week and headed to Boston, MA! This is probably the most riveting life changing experience I have ever made possible. I started my first internship at The Theater Offensive, and met a wonderful extended family. Current President of Milton Hershey School’s Alumni Association (MHSAA), Joanne Gagnon ’85 took me into her home with such love that I certainly would never forget an amazing woman! Knowing what she has done for me, I cannot help but to appreciate Milton Hershey School even more. The alumni of your school should reach out and help you achieve your deepest potential, and I am proud to say that Joanne did that for me. She did not know who I was or what I was like, but she had an open mind and an open heart that I could not have wished for a better host-family. Her husband John was an inspirational father figure  and it was really eye opening to stay with them as a family whose life is similar, but so different. I am certainly going to have to go back and visit!  Also in May, I visited Harvard University, and the academia certainly pours over the buildings and into the spirit of all those people visiting. Especially the parents who were giving their sons and daughters a tour of the University. I did buy a shirt and a mug from Harvard’s bookstore. Why not. Now thinking back, I did visit Salem while I was there, and went to see Into the Woods at Reading’s high school.  I did so much that this post is getting pretty lengthy. LOL.

June- Two words! BOSTON PRIDE 2010. The Theater Offensive had me leading it’s 2010 contingent in the Boston PRIDE parade and it was amazing to lead the team of interns and to organize the whole lot myself. I did distribute the tasks, but as the leader it was my responsibility to not go over budget and to make sure everyone is safe. One word, now. STRESS. It was very stressful for everyone and I was going insane on the day of the parade because some parade participants did not follow procedures and just had me going bonkers to try and figure out where we were suppose to be lined up. What joy. Well, it was very fun and it did rain, but it was fun anyway. I enjoyed dancing in the rain with the crowd and making a fool of myself. Gosh, at the time of walking in the parade and keeping the float with the group I did imagine what it would be like to have my own nationally syndicated television talk show and how I would be in front of millions of people. It was GREAT.

July- I really like these “two word” phrase things. Here we go: LADY GAGA. Yes! I saw Lady Gaga in concert when she came to the TD Garden. It was amazing! .Period.

Wow that was short, lets continue.

August- A terrible time! I was coming back home and leaving Boston. This was a very emotional time for me well because I let so many people into my heart and I was now leaving them behind. My stay family, the wonderful TTO interns, and Boston itself. Ugh I do not want to think of it anymore, well  Sophomore year commences. Welcome back to PPU! Moved into my new room and met up with MaryBeth and Sarah. We had pizza at our favorite restaurant, Pizza Fiesta!

September- Point Park turns 50 years old! Point Park University celebrated its 50th anniversary with a moon bounce, food, and a rock climbing wall! I volunteered for the event and then went to a lovely dinner for alumni, students, university staff and faculty. It did feel like I was back at Milton Hershey School with the energy of alumni coming back for the celebration, but sadly I was not really back at MHS.

October- I can only think of one super duper event that is worth mentioning! ZOMBIE-FEST. (Sidenote: two words is really fun).  Yeah Madison Toy and I went to Pittsburgh’s Zombie-Fest and then came back to our dorms and got Zombiefied and went back. It was really spooky and a great way to celebrate the Halloween spirit.

November- Thanksgiving was the most surprising effort that exemplifies how cool my friends are! We agreed to go over to the one and only Michael DePiro’s house for thanksgiving. By the way he is a magician and because he is running his own business, I feel obligated to link you to his services. Actorshelper.com and The Miracles of Michael DePiro.  We went to his house and then to my house to surprise my mommy!

December- Semester ends! Nothing happened besides final exams and people leaving for Winter break. Well, Light Up Night for Pittsburgh in November, but I refuse to take Christmas and put it under November. So here is MaryBeth’s and me covering Pittsburgh’s 50th Light Up Night.

Now that 2010 ends, I will make 2011 even bigger and better!


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