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Color has been a prime intuitive aspect that I as an artist and life-creator have worked with over the years. No matter if it was painting in art class, designing web pages in college, or choosing what clothes to wear for the day it all was anchored in my intuitive relationship with color. Today,  I understand this is part of my spiritual life-purpose. While studying psychology, I found the effects of color to be riveting and just in time of an energetic growth spurt. My soul path eventually guided me to finding a color deck that helped me to centralize my crystal and chakra knowledge as a certified crystal healer. From there, I was able to connect, communicate and heal myself and others through the power of color.


I use color to locate blocked, over-stimulated, and balanced chakras through intuitive card readings in order to improve the daily, weekly and monthly flow of your personal energy. Instead of giving you great philosophical reminders on how to live your life ideally, I provide you with a practical multi-sensory experience to live a more colorful lifestyle that fits conveniently into your daily schedule. This process of projecting color energy for days, weeks and even months ahead have been confirmed by many of my clients and closest  friends. It works for them and it surely has worked for me! (It’s why I wear an orange scarf.)

Before learning about the powers of colors, chakras, and crystals I felt a bit disconnected with myself and tried to fit into what was seen as acceptable in my society. I then started with 2 stones that were given as a gift that helped me with my anxiety and to keep bad luck away. Then I learned about the chakras and was able to lift a ton of guilt that built up over the years when I did the meditation. Finally I was introduced to color by Bernard in which I learned about how things react differently to different colors. I practiced it out and noticed that people reacted towards me different when I wore certain colors as well as how I picked out colors based on my mood. It was a really interesting experience for me and has made my life feel a lot lighter and more peaceful in the long run.

- Bonnie, New Jersey


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One day I came out to help a mutual friend at her consignment shop in Northeast PA where I finally met Bernard in person. I had no idea what he did or what a color reading was. We spoke briefly & I eavesdropped as he spoke to people who stopped to get information on what he did. When it was slow he offered to do a reading for me and asked if I was open to it. I have always been open to anything having to do with the spiritual world especially because of my past experiences. I was intrigued, excited & had no expectations as this was all new, yet I was confident… As he began, his first words were “You are safe here. Nothing or no one can or will hurt you right here, right now.” I not only believed him, I felt it. I shuffled the cards, cut the deck & he “dealt” some out. I was happy to see some of my favorite colors especially my #1 which is Blue. As he explained each color, their significance, (good, bad or indifferent) I felt like a bobble-headed doll on the dash of a semi driving down a very steep bumpy road as I nodded in agreement…Everything he said either was something I recently just changed or needed to change which he or our mutual friend had no idea about. After we talked about the reading, he wrote the colors down & gave me some recommendations on how to incorporate them in my life to get the positive attributes from them. Two days later I received a sterling silver ring as a gift with 3 of the colors (it looked like a little piece of art I could wear). It was sent a day before the reading was ever done! My perspective has never been clearer nor my future goals seem more attainable until this reading. I’ve set boundaries (represented by brown) where I couldn’t before. Not only do I keep the color brown close, I feel a stronger connection to it. My awareness is on a level I didn’t know was possible. I’m so grateful I met Bernard & that I had this reading from him. He truly is a kindred spirit. I’ve always loved & been fascinated by all the colors of the earth. Now they reverberate loudly, beautifully, they guide me in the right direction gently, as long as I’m open & paying attention.

- Amanda, Pennsylvania 


Bright reds – scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry – are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone. ~ Christian Dior